Welcome To Nature’s Playground

Breaching Killer Whale, photo by Wayne Cuthbert

The Sayward Valley Adventure Company offers 3 types of adventures. With us you can go whale watching, bear watching, or a combined whale and bear tour. You can get on-board the 50 ft motorsailer for and adventure in the great bear rain forest.

We have a variety of boats for whale/bear viewing. We can accommodate up to 36 people on our boats per day. Each of our 6 boats will take up to 6 people and this allows us to be more personal with guests. Accommodation is available as part of the package. A lunch is provided.

Grizzly Bears, BC Coast

We also offer an exclusive journey where we limit the number of guests to 2. This gives the guests a great view with an opportunity for unobstructed and l might say, incredible photos.


The White Squall, 50 foot motorsailer

This year we will be adding the 50 foot motorsailer  “White Squall” to our stable of boats, she is a beauty. We will be offering trips along the central coast looking for whales and bears. We will be able to accommodate a few guests on the journey of a lifetime.

Our coast

Neroutsos Inlet, Photo By Bud Logan

North Vancouver island is separated from the BC coastal region by both the Queen Charlotte Straight and Johnstone Straight. The waters between the mainland coast and the north lsland are dotted with numerous islands, large & small. These islands have their own unique histories, legends, and stories. They are just waiting to be explored by our visitors.

Coastal Waterfall, Photo By Bud Logan

The wild & wet lands of the north island and the BC coast are covered in ancient forests of giant trees, where some of the world’s tallest trees still flourish. It’s a beautiful place…  a place of waterfalls and hidden lakes, a place of mists and moss covered trees – a place of wonder. This area is speckled with many small islands, bays, inlets, river estuaries and waterfalls just waiting to be explored. Its large rivers travel from the mountains to the sea, fed by coastal rains. The west coast is carved by many inlets whose bordering mountains soar from the sea right up to the sky.

The stormy coast, photo by Bud Logan

Pacific storms pound our coast throughout the year and even more so in  winter, they are laden with moisture that must be released in order to rise up & over the coastal mountains. The west coast, or as we call it “the wet coast”, truly is a rain forest. The Coastal Shores are simply amazing.

Let us take you into this land of beauty and allow us to show you the wonders while filling you with stories and histories about the land, the people and the animals that call this place home.